The Church

As an apostolic community of consecrated women religious, we commit ourselves to the universal mission of the Church through our numerous and varied apostolates and ministries. In lives dedicated to God and the Church, we strive to live and share the Gospel message as we cooperate with Christ in the spiritual renewal of the world.

In addition to ministering in an array of health, educational, social service, mission, and prayer ministries all across North America, we serve in a variety of diocesan ministries throughout the continent. Our Sister’s service in diocesan ministries range from serving on a diocesan newspaper staff to serving on diocesan marriage tribunals; from serving as case workers to serving as a counselor at a diocesan counseling center; from diocesan vocation director to directors of diocesan youth and young adult ministries and as a director of a youth leadership program; and from serving in diocesan social service activities to coordinating and organizing retreats.

We serve as pastoral associates and in pastoral ministries, ministering to parishioners in their daily lives and in their times of greatest need. In parishes across North America, our Sisters are a vital presence and an integral member of parish families. In these roles, our Sisters are part of a parish team, working together to help individuals, families, and children develop, enrich, and strengthen their relationships with their fellow parishioners, with each other, and with God.

Whether helping to prepare for liturgical celebrations, leading sacramental preparation classes, leading adult faith formation classes, or making hospital and home visits—we are responding to the needs of the Church as we help children, families, and adults grow in faith and in community.