Poor and Underserved

We minister each day all across this vast continent to individuals and families in great need. We serve and often times live among the impoverished—among children and families without opportunity, and among children and adults alike who know all too well the pangs of hunger, the disillusionment of unemployment, and the hollowness of vanishing hope.

Our Sisters serve the homeless, women in transition, and others who are marginalized—people that society has seemingly forgotten—with compassion and mercy, a healing presence, spiritual sustenance, and a reminder of God’s unconditional love.

And, at all times of the year, our Sisters provide integral support and assistance at regional food pantries, clothing, and food drives throughout North America, wherever and whenever there is a need—wherever and whenever there is a call to help the poor and marginalized.

Blessed Mary Angela Spirituality Center
Among the Poor – Pomona, California

In southern California, our Sisters serve the homeless in a ministry of presence as they walk the streets of Pomona each weekday, rain or shine, ministering to the homeless wherever they may be—whether in highway underpasses, next to railroad tracks, in parks, or in shelters.

Through this ministry, we also reach out to the very poor, traveling to apartment complexes and trailer parks to minister to impoverished women and children living in transitional housing.

For I was hungry and you gave me food. I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me … Whatever you did for one of these least brethren of mine, you did for me.”
Matthew 25:35

Felician Center - Kingstree, South Carolina

Our Sisters serve some of God’s most vulnerable people through the Felician Center in Kingstree, South Carolina. Our Sisters have opened their hearts and their hands to the people of this small Southern community—clothing those in need, feeding the hungry, educating the children, and bringing hope to a people who often had none. Through this  multifaceted ministry—from the flagship educational and enrichment programs, gently-worn clothing program, home repair, hot-meal program, home visits to shut-ins, family support services, to the prayer ministry—we are helping to break the cycle of poverty and pessimism by giving opportunity, knowledge, inspiration and a helping hand to a new generation.

Response to Love Center – Buffalo, New York

Directed and guided by Felician Sisters, the Response to Love Center provides support, compassionate care, and hope to individuals and families in need through a variety of programs. Programs such as a Soup Kitchen, Food Pantry, an infant formula program, and a Thrift Shop offering men, women’s, and children’s clothing and household items, help provide physical sustenance and support. Additional programs such as nutrition education and healthcare guidance, GED programs, computer classes, and counseling and training support for Veterans help encourage and build self-sufficiency. The Response to Love Center provides a safe and welcoming environment that not only provides immediate support and care to individuals and families, but also spiritual sustenance, hope, and healing.
For more information about this ministry, please visit www.responsetolovecenter.org

St. Felix Pantry – Rio Rancho, New Mexico to
St. Felix Centre – Toronto, Canada

From southwestern United States to eastern Canada, Felician ministries are serving families and children in need, offering a range of services as well as compassion, a helping hand, and hope.

  • St. Felix Pantry in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, provides support and services to individuals struggling to support their families in times of crisis. The Pantry helps to feed more than 70,000 people in need each year in addition to offering clothing, household items, referral services and tutoring to those in need.
    For more information about this Felician ministry, visit www.stfelixpantry.org
  • St. Felix Centre in Toronto, Canada, helps the underserved by providing compassionate service and holistic support to children, families, and individuals facing challenges such as homelessness, mental illness, addiction, malnutrition, and insufficient education. This Felician ministry provides support and a safe, compassionate community to those rendered lonely, isolated, or abandoned.
    Learn more by visiting www.stfelixcentre.ca