Mission Ministry

We serve in missions across North America, serving people in great need—from Canada’s Northwest Territories where we have served for more than 30 years, to the country of Haiti where we will pioneer a new mission this fall.

Mission in Haiti

Sister Mary Inga Borko and Sister Marilyn Marie Minter are establishing a new Felician ministry in Haiti. In this Felician ministry of presence, Sister Mary Inga and Sister Marilyn Marie will offer hope, caring support, and spiritual sustenance to Haitian children and families facing daunting challenges in the aftermath of an earthquake that dealt a massive blow to an already beleaguered country.

Our ministry in Haiti mirrors the values set forth by our Felician Foundress Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowska more than 150 years ago: total availability to all, compassionate service, and concern for the salvation of all people. We embrace this opportunity to serve the people of Haiti as Blessed Mary Angela had served the poor and needy people of her time in 19th century Warsaw. Through this ministry, as in all of our Felician ministries across North America, we, as Felician Sisters, heed her call to “give aid to all without exception.”

Mission in Tulita

Sister Mary Celeste Goulet ministers in the small village of Tulita, one of the northernmost areas of Canada situated approximately 200 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle, serving the Slavey people of the Dene group, a First Nations people indigenous to the Great Slave Lake region of Canada’s Northwest Territories. Sister Mary Celeste pioneered the Sister Celeste Child Development Centre, a preschool program that continues to flourish, and serves as pastoral leader of Saint Therese of Avila. For more than 30 years, we have ministered to the people living here in the outermost section of the continent, bringing the Word of God and God’s mercy and love.