Individuals with Disabilities

We believe that all persons, as children of God, are created for a sacred purpose, and that, as such, each and every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

We serve children and adults with disabilities, where our commitment to the sacredness of life encourages each of those we serve to live life to the fullest by embracing new challenges, new skills, and new experiences.

We have unfailingly opened our arms to this very special population throughout the course of our history and continue to do so today. In each of our ministries serving individuals with disabilities, we foster an environment that celebrates each person’s individuality and encourages each person’s unique potential. We offer to each member of this most vulnerable population unconditional love, support, care, and encouragement.

Felician School for Exceptional Children -
Lodi, New Jersey

First founded by the Felician Sisters more than 40 years ago, Felician Sisters continue to serve the academic and vocational needs of individuals with disabilities ranging in age from 3 to 21 so that each individual can develop the skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary for independent living as well as obtaining and maintaining employment.  

From pre-school through high school, the School’s programs are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of students with a variety of developmental challenges.  Six essential skill areas are emphasized throughout the curriculum to prepare students upon graduation to live as independently as possible:

  • functional academics;
  • independent living skills,
  • personal/family life development;
  • pre-vocational skills development;
  • vocational/job training;
  • community-based work program.

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McGuire Memorial - New Brighton, Pennsylvania

McGuire Memorial, a co-sponsored ministry of the Felician Sisters of  North America and the Diocese of Pittsburgh,  serves children and adults with disabilities ranging from 3 to 65 years of age that include individuals with profound, multiple, complex disabilities; mild to moderate physical and developmental disabilities; autism spectrum disorders; and those who are medically fragile. Many cannot speak, cannot walk, and may not see or hear.

Today, McGuire Memorial serves more than 250 children and adults in a diverse blend of programs addressing a broad range of needs. Its programs include:

  • its hallmark residential program for children and adults with profound, complex disabilities who may be medically fragile;
  • a day program for adults with profound, complex disabilities;
  • an adult training facility, offering vocational training, life skills, and paid employment opportunities;
  • a respite care/relief program for families;
  • a community home program offering private residential living for individuals with mild to moderate disabilities;
  • and The School at McGuire Memorial, a private school serving children with disabilities 3 – 21 years of age.

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