Where We Serve

We serve in ministries all across this vast continent of North America.

From the shores of the Pacific to the shores of the Atlantic; from Canada’s Northwest Territories to Haiti; from America’s rural South to urban centers in areas such as Chicago, Buffalo, Philadelphia, and Toronto; Felician Sisters serve in an array of ministries as diverse as the regions in which we serve.

We serve the impoverished and underserved in rural South Carolina. We serve the homeless, the poor, and women in transition in California.

We feed the hungry in ministries from New Mexico to Toronto.

We serve our youth in high schools and colleges – whether in our own Felician-sponsored high schools and colleges in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, New York, and Ontario, Canada; in additional classrooms across the country, in pre-schools and after-school programs, and in campus ministries.

We serve the Church in a variety of diocesan ministries across the continent. Sisters are a vital presence in parishes throughout North America, ministering to parishioners in their daily lives and in their times of greatest need.

We are also in the process of establishing a ministry in Haiti, near this country’s earthquake-ravaged capital, serving in a ministry of presence to those who face daunting obstacles living in the poorest country in the world.

Heeding our Foundress’ call to be totally available to all and give “aid to all without exception,” we serve all God’s people—wherever we are called and wherever there is a need—without exception.

For more information about our range of ministries in North America, please visit the Who We Serve section of our site.