Community Life

Living in common—or community life—is central to the Felician way of life. Whether living in small convent homes or large central convents, each of us shares in the lives of our Felician sisters with whom we live—praying, recreating, and eating in common.

We walk with each other on our individual and collective journeys. And in that way, community life is a tremendous support and blessing.
It is sustenance.
It is life-giving.”
Sister Grace Marie Del Priore

We bear each other’s burdens. We celebrate each other’s joys.

We are there for each other by our words and by our very presence, nurturing, supporting, and encouraging each other on our spiritual journeys.

We are sisters to each other.

Community life, as described in the Felician Constitution, provides this insight:
“ … Animated by the Felician spirit, we live community and express it in our personal contacts with one another … of life shared in common, we grow in our commitment to Christ and each other.”

Our common life is simply the outward manifestation of our shared purpose, mission, and spirit—forged by our collective history and legacy, and strengthened by our shared prayer and liturgical life.

As a result, it is synonymous with Felician Sisters sharing a deep connectedness with each other, and a caring and concern for each other that transcends day-to-day life.