Franciscan Spirituality

As Felician Sisters, we celebrate and embrace our Franciscan heritage and the humble spirituality of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Our spirituality draws upon four fundamental Franciscan values: minority—serving among and standing in solidarity with the poor and oppressed; prayer—from which all service flows; poverty—to live in simplicity, humility, and self-denial; and conversion—a turning to God in heart, mind, and spirit.

Our Foundress Blessed Mary Angela, so inspired by the spirituality of Saint Francis, embraced these Franciscan values and ideals, calling her Sisters to live as Saint Francis had lived—in simplicity and humility, in reverence for all God’s creation; as living examples of the Gospel message, and in compassionately caring for and serving the poor and marginalized.

In The Spirit’s Creative Presence, written by and for our Congregation, it states, “The Felician call is a call to walk in the Franciscan tradition so loved by Angela; to live the Gospel in justice and in truth, to radiate joy as we live in poverty and simplicity, to become transformed into Christ through contemplation and personal conversion; to persevere in penance as we journey in faith and to share our diverse gifts with each other in community and with our brothers and sisters.”

Our spiritual life is characterized by four distinct expressions of this spirituality that helped to shape the spiritual life of Blessed Mary Angela and have shaped that of her daughters to follow:

Eucharistic – The Eucharist is central to our faith and to our consecrated lives.

Ecclesial – We are an apostolic community marked by fidelity, loyalty, reverence and obedience to the Church.

Evangelical – We live the Gospel in justice and truth as we bring God’s Word, healing presence, and compassionate mercy to the poor and oppressed, ministering to all those in need without exception.

Marian – We honor Mary, Mother of Jesus, as Mother and Lady of our Congregation and we emulate her as a model of faithfulness and humility.