Felician Crucifix

Historic, symbolic, and distinctively Felician, this simple wooden crucifix, worn by all Felician Sisters, is unique to the Felician Sisters. 

As a distinguishing and identifiable Felician symbol, this particular wooden crucifix has become synonymous with the Felician Sisters—representing our devotion to Christ, our unique Felician history and heritage, as well as our Felician values. 

Distinctively Felician

Then Jesus said to all,
‘If anyone wishes to come
after me, he must deny himself
and take up his cross daily
and follow me.’”
Luke 9:23

During what would become known as the first Felician investiture on April 10, 1857, Felician Foundress Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowska received the seminal Franciscan habit—including a small wooden crucifix—from her spiritual director Capuchin priest Father Honorat Kozminski. From that day forward, all professed Felician Sisters would receive and wear a wooden crucifix, patterned after the first wooden crucifix worn by Blessed Mary Angela.

This crucifix that we wear represents key aspects of our spirituality, namely a devotion to Christ and dedication to the Church. It is also representative of Blessed Mary Angela’s great love for the passion of Jesus, reminding her Sisters to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and to endure all sufferings in the spirit of reparation.

Simple in its design and construction, the Felician crucifix also speaks to our Franciscan values of poverty, simplicity, and self-denial.