“All through the Heart of Mary in honor of the Most Blessed Sacrament.”
Felician Sisters Congregational Motto

There is a genuine devotion to Mary, Mother of Jesus, to whom our Foundress Blessed Mary Angela consecrated and entrusted the Felician community—a community she dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

As a Marian community, we look to Jesus’ Mother as our spiritual mother—not only the Mother of our Congregation, but also as a model of hope and steadfast faithfulness. By her example, we each can learn how to follow the call of God in saying “yes” to God in hope and humility.

I look to Mary as a model of total faith and trust in God. Like Mary, I continually strive to say ‘yes’ to God in hope and trust.”
Sister Christine Marie Nizialek

We strive to emulate Mary’s life of humble, faithful obedience—as exemplified throughout her life, from her “fiat” at the Annunciation to her presence at the foot of the cross.

Each Felician province worldwide bears a Marian title. The North American Province, for example, honors Mary with the name, Our Lady of Hope Province. Likewise, each Felician Sister includes the name of Mary as part of her religious name.

Mary is our model of faith and trust and to whom we turn for constant inspiration and guidance. Praying the rosary daily is but one example of our devotion to Mary, which is a central part of each Sisters’ personal and communal prayer life.