By our Baptism, we are all called to be men and women of the Gospel—called to live and share the Gospel message each day with all whom we meet.

As Felician Sisters, we share with all Christians the responsibility to bring God’s message and loving kindness to all. As consecrated women of the Church, we devote our lives to living and sharing the Gospel message, in prophetic witness to the spirit of the Gospel.

We remain open and responsive to the needs of our time—receptive to the ever-evolving needs and challenges of our world, continually open to the possibility of new ministries in service to God’s people—as Gospel messengers for all time.

We are keenly aware of the plight of the impoverished, the abandoned, and the marginalized of our society, serving among and to them so that they may come to know and appreciate, in a very real and tangible way, God’s unconditional mercy and love. Often times, like Saint Francis of Assisi and Blessed Mary Angela before us, we serve where the need is great—on the streets with the homeless and the abandoned, and among those who are marginalized and alone.

Living as prophetic witness to the Gospel is at the very core of Franciscan spirituality. Saint Francis’ life of service—ministering and living among the poor and marginalized of his times, including the lepers of the Assisi valley—was shared by our Foundress Blessed Mary Angela’s ministry on the streets of Warsaw. So, too, do we, in this time and in this age, live among and minister to the oppressed and underserved.

Such witness and such service are quintessentially Franciscan—helping to bring the word of God and helping to alleviate injustice in all times and for all times. For to echo the words of Pope Pius XI, Saint Francis “was sent by Divine Providence for the reformation not only of the turbulent age in which he lived but of Christian society of all times.”