A charism is a distinct spirit—a spiritual energy—that permeates a religious community. A gift of the Holy Spirit, it is a living force that incorporates vowed religious into a family gifted with a dynamic mission, a particular way—unique to that community—of being Christ present in the world today.

Our founding charism has sustained and energized thousands of Felician Sisters for more than a century and a half. Inspired by our foundress Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowska, our charism is a call to service motivated by a boundless love of God. As we state in our Constitution, “Moved by the grace of the same Spirit, we desire to share and to live out the charism of Mother Mary Angela Truszkowska in the spirit of Saint Francis.”

Through this very special Felician legacy, we dedicate ourselves to the service of God and His people, so that in all and by all, God may be known, loved, and glorified.

Felician Charism

To imitate Blessed Mary Angela’s
boundless love of God
and surrender to God’s will
in compassionate service,
total availability,
and concern for the salvation of all people.