How to Become an Associate

Christian women and men, 18 years of age and older, are invited to explore partnering with us as Felician Associates. If you are looking to deepen your relationship with God and nurture your own personal spiritual development, consider becoming one of hundreds of Felician Associates who are deepening their spiritual life by embracing our Felician charism and Franciscan spirituality into their everyday lives.

Prospective Felician Associates take part in a preparatory period of discernment and formation under the guidance of a Felician Sister or associate companion. After this period of initial discernment and formation, one would request acceptance as a Felician Associate. Upon acceptance, a Felician Associate makes a formal commitment, renewable annually, to prayer, service, and to sharing in the Felician charism and mission. 

There are groups of Felician Associates all across North America.

If you would like to learn more about the Felician Sisters and the Felician Associates in your area, or to learn how to begin the inquiry and discernment process, please contact:

Mercedes Mann at 847-906-4019.