Justice and Peace

In the spirit of our beloved Foundress Blessed Mary Angela, we serve as twenty-first century instruments of justice and peace, working on behalf of all God’s people who are victims of injustice and violence today. The work of justice and peace is integral to who we are, a foundational element of our lives, inherent in our Felician Franciscan charism, vision and mission.

As part of our mission to cooperate with Christ in the spiritual renewal of the world, we acknowledge that in order to be spiritually renewed, the dignity and well-being of each person must be realized and an environment of respect created for human dignity to thrive.

If you want peace, work for justice.”
Pope Paul VI

We stand with and advocate for those without a voice in our society—the poor, the marginalized, the oppressed, and the vulnerable—to help restore the human dignity and rights of all whom we serve and of all God’s people. We are working to raise awareness of and to help eliminate human trafficking. We proclaim the most essential element of the Gospel in promoting a culture of life. We defend every person’s fundamental right to a life of dignity from conception to natural death, affirming the rights of the unborn, the aging, the terminally ill, and those who are disabled. We work to counteract a culture of violence, encouraging cooperation and peaceful resolution of conflicts on every level of human relations. We support the family and the importance and need for the development of strong and viable families in our society. We are committed to responsible care of the environment as responsible stewards of resources given to us by God’s loving providence.

For more information about our justice and peace initiatives, please contact Sister Maryann Agnes Mueller, Justice and Peace Coordinator, at smaryann@feliciansisters.org