Temporary Profession

At the end of the two-year novitiate, each Sister professes the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience for the first time. Entering into the stage of formation known as temporary profession, each Sister professes her vows for a period of one year, to be renewed each year for up to nine years.

During this period of temporary profession, a Sister may attend college if she has not begun or completed her degree, or she will begin to minister in one of the many Felician ministries across North America. In either situation, the Sister will live in community with other Felician Sisters, deepening their commitment to God, to neighbor, and to the Felician Franciscan way of life.

A Sister in the formative stage of temporary profession not only has the support and guidance of the formation director—a companion on her formation journey—who shares her struggles, concerns, discoveries, and joys, but the support of the entire Felician family of sisters who , by their very presence, make real the very concept of “community.”

She will continue to discern whether religious life is compatible with who she is and with who God has called her to be, as she continues to grow in self and spirit—now ready to go out and make God’s presence known and make a difference in the world.