First Profession of Vows

The Felician first profession of vows takes place upon completion of the two-year novitiate program. No longer a novice, a Sister begins the formative period known as temporary profession where she lives the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

She makes her vows before God and the Felician community in an investiture ceremony that takes place within a Mass of Religious Profession.

The investiture ceremony is a momentous occasion in a Sister’s formation process, marked by several symbolic rituals:

  • She receives the Felician crucifix for the first time, as it is placed upon her with the words, “Receive this crucifix, the sign of the infinite love of God for His people. Wear it with dignity. Bear such witness to it in your daily life that the very love of Jesus Christ may be visible in you.”
  • Each Sister also receives the Rule of Saint Francis and the Felician Constitutions, her guides for living a life for others in response to the Gospel call of Christ.
  • And, in this ceremony, if a Sister has chosen to wear a traditional habit with a veil, she now exchanges the white veil of the novitiate for a black veil.

All are symbolic of a Sister’s ongoing transformation into life as a consecrated, vowed religious within the Felician Franciscan community.