The Felician postulancy is the first stage in a formative, preparatory process for women who wish to become Felician Sisters.

This one-year period known as the postulancy is a transitional year from secular to religious life. As postulants, women enter into this time of transition—a time of letting go of their former way of life and of embracing a new life in religious community.

Under the guidance of the director of postulants, Felician postulants are introduced to a life of prayer, a life lived in community, a life dedicated to God and the Church, and a life steeped in Franciscan values and the Felician mission.

Living in common is central to the Felician way of life. During this year, the women grow not only in faith, but also in their life in community. The postulants learn about “common life,” where they eat, serve, and pray in common. And the postulants soon learn that Felician community life is synonymous with a deep connectedness with each other, and a caring and concern for each other that transcends the day-to-day life.

They become sisters to each other.

Answering this call, coming to the Felician postulancy, is the first time in my life that I have actually said ‘yes’ to God. And in saying ‘yes’ to God, I feel the peace and joy of knowing that I am becoming the person I was meant to be.”
Carolyn Doak, as a Felician postulant

Each postulant takes part in a year-long course of study, with courses ranging from Felician Franciscan spirituality, faith and spiritual development, community life, vowed life, to the history of the Felician congregation. Postulants also begin to participate in outreach ministries throughout the year as well as take part in a month-long ministry immersion experience—serving in a Felician ministry in North America while living in community with Felician Sisters in that region.

During this transitional year, postulants experience significant growth and change, taking great comfort in the joyful support of the entire Felician community as they prepare for their next stage of formation. 

After having formally expressed their desire to live lives as Felician Sisters, women begin this one-year period known as the postulancy. As postulants, women enter into this time of transition—of letting go of one’s former way of life and of embracing a new life in religious community.