Perpetual Profession

A Felician Sister publicly professes perpetual vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience following a formation period of temporary profession.

During a special Eucharistic liturgy, friends, family, and members of the Felician community gather with the Sister to witness and celebrate her profession of perpetual vows. This public ceremony of perpetual profession—where a woman publicly professes her religious vows for life—is the culmination of a 9- to 12-year period of initial formation. Perpetual profession is a sacred commitment to dedicate the rest of her life in service to God and Church as a Felician Sister.

Perpetual profession of vows is not an end in itself, but rather just the beginning of our lives as Felician Sisters. The call to religious life is one of continuous conversion of heart, mind, and spirit based on an open and loving response to the Will of God. Ongoing spiritual, apostolic, and personal formation continues throughout the course of our lives as consecrated women religious.