Candidacy is the very first step toward life as a Felician Sister, marking a woman’s deepening interest in the Felician Franciscan way of life.

It is our invitation to any woman looking to grow in her relationship with God, and looking to make a difference in the world—all while living in community as a Felician Sister.

It is our invitation to learn more about us—to experience our prayer life and discover our diverse areas of ministry throughout North America.

It is our invitation to join us in prayer, in ministry, or simply just to talk.

Think of it as a long conversation with us, with God, and with one’s self.”

Candidacy is a time of discernment.

It is a time of deepening self-awareness.

It is a time of discovery as a woman increasingly interacts with and gets to know Felician Sisters as well as other candidates from across North America.

Think of it as a long conversation with us, with God, and with one’s self. 

Each candidate normally continues to live on her own in her own home, continuing in her own way of life. There are no contracts. Candidacy simply signals that a woman is looking to begin the journey toward life in the Felician community.

She will not embark on this journey alone. Candidacy, by its very nature, is a time of interaction, of conversation, of taking part in something much bigger than one’s self.

The Felician Candidate Director is a constant source of support, information, and candor. Candidates take much comfort and joy from the Sisters they meet as they travel throughout the North American province, as well as their own peers—women from across the continent who are beginning the very same journey within the Felician community.

On average, candidacy is a six-month to two-year period, dependent upon a woman’s readiness.

A woman interested in living life as a Felician Sister submits a formal request for candidacy.

For more information about becoming a candidate or for more information about the formation process, please contact Sister Desire Anne-Marie Findlay at or (724) 384-5311.