You can’t listen if you are doing all of the talking.
You can’t truly listen if you are not open to what another has to say.
So it is with God.
God calls each of us. Be open to hear God’s call.

Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.
1 Samuel 3:9-10

Discernment is that process by which we open ourselves to truly hear what God has to say—a very personal process of discovery and self-reflection that helps you to come to know the life you were called to live. It is a process of self-revelation—realizing your desires, your values, your likes and dislikes, your strengths and limitations, and your own very special gifts and talents.

It is a spiritual process of forming a deeper relationship with God—and of developing a trust and a confidence that God will grant you the grace and wisdom needed in the discernment process.

If you feel that God might be calling you to religious life as a Felician Franciscan Sister, we encourage you to actively discern how God is calling you to serve Him.

Reflection, prayer, spiritual direction, and ongoing conversations with the Felician Sisters are essential to the discernment process.


Take the time to talk to God.

Prayer is the foundation for all discernment—the basis of our relationship with God and critical to an ever-deepening relationship with the Lord.


Take the time for self-reflection. Learn more about yourself.
Think about your own gifts and talents. How might they contribute to building the Kingdom of God as a Felician Sister?
What interests you or energizes you?
What is your personal experience of God?
How do you see God working in your life?
Do you experience a desire to spend time with God?
Do you feel a sense of peace and joy when considering religious life?
Is prayer an important part of your life?
Can you see yourself making a difference in the world as a vowed religious woman?

Spiritual Direction

Take the time to seek out and meet with a spiritual director. A spiritual director listens to your experience of God and helps you to recognize God’s presence in all of your life. We encourage you to find and regularly meet with a spiritual director during this time of discernment. A spiritual director is a priest, sister, brother or lay man or woman who is trained in spiritual direction. If you would like assistance in locating a spiritual director in your area, please contact Sr. Desire Ann-Marie Findlay, Vocation Outreach Minister, at desimarie@feliciansisters.org or (724) 384-5311.

Learn More About Life as a Felician Sister

Take the time to learn more about the Felician way of life. Spend time with us in prayer, in community life, in conversation.

Participate in one of our many ministries throughout North America, ministering to the poor and underserved, children and youth, those who are profoundly disabled, the homeless and the imprisoned, and the infirm and the elderly.

Take part in one of our “Come and See” weekends.

Take part in one of our Felician discernment retreats or week-long discernment events.