Answering God's Call

Some women have described their initial call to religious life as a stirring deep within. It was an unrelenting notion that may have surged and waned over months or even years, but one that ultimately never left them.

It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you.”
John 15:16

Others have described it as a desire to dedicate themselves to God and live in a deeper relationship with God.

Still others were drawn by an overwhelming feeling of great peace and joy when considering religious life.

Each woman’s journey toward religious life is a uniquely individual one. No matter how the journey begins, the route can be long and indirect. Detours are inevitable. Years can go by before the main route is found once again.

If the idea of religious life is a recurring notion, or if you have only recently considered life as a vowed religious, be open to God’s invitation.

Be open to the possibility that you are being called to a religious vocation—dedicating your life to God and the Church.

Be open to the possibility that you are being called to life as a Felician Sister—living a life of prayer, being public witness to the Gospel, promoting the spiritual renewal of the world, and living in community with other vowed religious sisters who share this unity of purpose.

Be proactive. Gather information.

Learn what it means to live life as a Felician Sister. Attend a Felician “Come and See” weekend or a Felician Discernment Retreat. Spend time in prayer with the Felician Sisters. Spend time ministering alongside a Felician Sister.

Begin the conversation.

Be open to the promptings of God.